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BizHawk is a multi-system emulator in C#.

Supported Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Sega Master System
Game Gear
PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM
TI-83 Calculator


Sega Genesis (low compatibility list)
Gameboy (Debugger only)


Hex Editor - "Add to Ram Watch" moved to Ctrl+W instead of A


-Fixed reported ´sound jitter´ when using the "Loadstate" As hotkey.
-Implemented feature: Frame Advance - Skip Lag frames option (Under config -> GUI menu)
-Lua Console:
-Fix an exception when attempting to close a lua script
-Don´t write to output window in gui.text()!
-Implement Open Script toolstrip icon
-Movie importing -
-movie importers - fix populating of the emuOrigin header
-added .mcm movie importer
-added .gmv movie importer
-.fm2 movie importer - interpret "romChecksum" entry
-added .fcm movie importer
-add GUID to .vbm importer
-Hex Editor -
Dynamically add unfreeze option to menu items
New hotkeys: A for Add to Ram Watch, Del for unfreeze, Shift+Del for unfreeze all, Space for freeze/unfreeze toggle
New features: Increment/Decrement (increases/decreases actual value of selected address by 1), added menu items and Numpad +/- for hotkeys
-Add "escape clears mapping" message on controller config dialog
-Fix bug in RAM Watch/Search signed value printing, and probably unsigned 32bit value printing as well
-Ram Search - fix scrolling exception and duplicating of addresses when using the Open Watch file feature
-Added an Animated GIF feature, included settings dialog
-Fix rather annoying typo in online help link
-Refine screenshot code, and add screenshot->clipboard menuitem
-Make pce cd bios use path configuration
-Fix saving of window position and other settings in tool dialogs

-Implemented mappers 44, 46, 49, 80, 82, 115, 182, 189, 191, 192
-6502: partially implemented unofficial NOPs for "Puzznic (U)", "Puzznic (J)"
-fix a scroll timing bug that grew while PPU was getting ported from FCEUX´s new PPU
-Change OAM DMA cycles to 513
-fix bug in xml parsing which made games with multiple carts (unusual) not detect subsequent carts
-improve NES ROM dectection log
-Fix $2007 access while rendering (fixes Young Indiana Jones)
-Fix Four Screen Mirroring (fixes Gauntlet)
-Support for 8kb PRG ROMs
-Fix chu chu related things
-Straighten out rendering range off by one issues
-Nametable Viewer - Screenshot to Clipboard option
-PPU Viewer - Clipboard option for Palette, Pattern, and Sprite Viewers

-Fix a crash when a HuCard accessing invalid addresses would venture into TurboCD ports (namely, Rastan Saga)