Spark Trophies will soon be getting a long-needed overhaul in both design and tablet support. Like Spark 360, expect to see a tighter layout, as well as bug fixes and enhanced functionality on tablet devices.
While Iím on the subject, I should probably discuss Account Regions Ė a feature thatís been around for a while, but which I suspect may be misleading and/or confusing.
Spark Trophies has the ability to retrieve its data from, or Ė the US and EU servers, respectively. When you switch account regions in Account Settings, this is what youíre selecting Ė where to get the information. Note that you donít have to belong to either region Ė from my experience, you can use either. I have noticed, however, that PSN EU tends to be more reliable, and faster.
So why not use PSN Europe by default? The problem is that many users find that one or the other is missing certain games. Iím not sure what causes this, but my best guess is that itís some quirk in how PSN syncs trophies with the web sites and/or availability of games across regions.
If you find that Trophies isnít working as well as it should, first thing you can try is switching regions Ė that is, unless you discover missing trophies. If that happens, you can always switch back.