The latest releases from Play Asia [br][br] Shipping today: Korean & US items - Katamari Damacy Limited Edition (PS2™), Tales of Symphonia restock (NGC™) & more [br] [br] A batch of Korean as well as US items has reached us today.[br][br]Korean PlayStation2™ items in stock include a Limited Edition of Katamari Damacy (shipping including a foldable Katamari Damacy umbrella), Street Fighter Anniversay Collection as well as a standard Korean version of Gradius V (selling at discounted US$ 49.90 only). [br][br]US titles include a first restock batch of Namco's Gamecube™ RPG game Tales of Symphonia. All pending backorders have finally been cleared today with new orders welcome at US$ 59.90. Also in stock in limited quantities is BradyGames' Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide, selling at US4 14.99 as long as supply lasts.[br][br]Additional US titles include Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (for GBA™ selling at $28.90) as well as 2 Sega Saturn™ closeouts selling at $19.90 each:[br][br][br]Tales of Symphonia[br][br]BradyGames Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide[br][br]Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire[br][br]Street Fighter Alpha 2[br][br]NightWarriors: DarkStalker's Revenge