Cranberry Publishing Ltd, a UK publisher specialising in emedia, recently launched 360Zine, the world's first free, interactive emagazine dedicated to XBox 360.

The magazine has been written by well known games journalists from the UK, and the lead review on issue 1 is Gears of War, written by Kieron Gillen. Other highlights include a F.E.A.R. review, WWE SmackDown vs RAW, previews of The Darkness and Lost Planet as well as an interview with COD3 lead developer.

The emagazine runs to nearly 40 pages and is created in PDF format, so you only require Adobe Reader v6 or above. No registration is required and the emag is completely free to readers.

What's even better is the pages have been enhanced with multimedia, so you'll see videos and animated screenshots on the pages.

Hope you enjoy.

Dave Taylor
Publishing Director