Online retailer Amazon says its Android download store has hosted "millions" of downloads as the service celebrates its first birthday.
The retailer is running a week-long promotion to celebrate the Amazon Appstore's first year in business, with discounts planned for the likes of Fruit Ninja, Tetris, The Lost City and Plants Vs Zombies.
While Amazon declines to specify just how many downloads it has hosted over the past year, it does confirm that the store's catalogue has grown from 4,000 at launch to 31,000, and that games are the most popular category. Cut The Rope was the most-downloaded paid app, with Angry Birds the most popular free download.
Amazon Appstore director Aaron Rubenson said: "Customers have used the Amazon Appstore to test-drive and buy millions of apps the game for their Kindle Fire and other Android devices in the first year alone. To thank customers for shopping with us, we worked closely with our developers to offer special discounts on some of the most popular apps all week long."
The store launched last year to no little controversy. Apple sued over Amazon's use of the phrase "App Store" - something Microsoftprotested, with Amazon following suit. Then, the International Game Developers Association hit out at the control Amazon exercised over pricing, preventing developers from offering better deals elsewhere.