Newly released for the Nintendo Wii:

Wicked Monster Blast is one of the few shooting games on the Nintendo Wii which is suitable for the whole family- you play as the characters of the "Wicked Monster" series and shoot it out with cartoon style animals, aliens and monsters, all set in a brightly coloured cartoon environment.Using the Wii remote you blast enemies and solve puzzles across 20 challenges and 12 mini games - all of this is set in a family friendly environment.Wicked Monsters Blast has 3 unique game modes, Arcade, Family and Survival mode delivering extensive replay value and is a guaranteed favourite in party atmospheres.Gameplay is fast paced and non-stop - each stage poses a unique challenge and you must combine skill with intensity in order to progress through each stage.

Price: US$ 24.40 / Usually ships within 5-15 days