Newly released for the PC:

It’s more than footballRemember when football management simulations were fun? When you could experience the blood, sweat and tears of an entire season in a single evening? Complete with a modern, widget-driven user interface, Premier Manager is truly “pick up and play”. It’s in-depth without being confusing, making it THE football sim for those of us who don’t normally have the time to play football sims.After all, there’s more to life than football… but not much more! You call the shotsChoose your club, manage your squad and lead your team to glory! Compete for honours in Europe’s top leagues and major domestic and European cup competitions. The legendary Premier Manager series celebrates its 20th anniversary with this absorbing, highly playable and fast-paced football management game for everyone to enjoy.

Price: US$ 20.40 / Usually ships within 5-15 days