Head over to the official Dark Souls Facebook page, and you may discover a new "app" that says "an announcement is coming." The app is nothing more than a brick wall, which will seemingly be broken down once it reaches enough likes. While we'd like to think the wall hides a stack of delicious, fluffy pancakes, evidence points to the impending announcement of a PC version.

And, by evidence, we mean the Australian magazine PC PowerPlay, which strongly suggests Dark Souls will be featured in its April issue. An image of the magazine has popped up on NeoGAF, revealing a page styled after Dark Souls' infamous "YOU DIED" screen. The magazine is due on shelves April 18, so we should likely know exactly what's going on by then.

The possibility of a PC version of Dark Souls cropped up earlier this year when a Namco Bandai forum admin suggested users make a petition for the project. A week later, Namco took notice of the petition, with the admin telling users they had the company's attention and that "the future is in your hands."