Forget sleep, more than half of the action takes place in bed.
Mobile entertainment portal MocoSpace conducted the ‘Where u play?’ survey to discover 96 per cent of people play mobile games at home and not on-the-go as commonly thought, while more than half play the games in bed when indoors.
Following the bed, 41 per cent play in the living room, five per cent play in the bathroom, while just one per cent play when tucking into food at the dinner table.
Additionallym 51 per cent play for over an hour a day, while a third play for three hours a day. Worryingly, ten per cent play mobile games for more than three hours a day at work, giving complete disregard to keeping their jobs, choosing to favour their phones.
Social gaming was the most popular genre with 62 per cent, followed by action with 53 per cent, puzzle with 40 per cent and casino style with 28 per cent.
Justin Siegel, CEO and co-founder, MocoSpace, says: "This report should make every console gaming company nervous. Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles, but rather it’s attacking them on their home turf: the couch, the La-Z-Boy and even the bedroom."