Foosball, the table game with a surprisingly rich history, is coming to PS3 and Vita this spring in the form of Foosball 2012. Developed by Grip Games, the game features a "World Tour" single-player mode with 30 locations, and multiplayer support for up to four players with online and couch co-op.It'll also support the PlayStation Move and allow players to control Foosball 2012 exactly like they "would control a real table football, with 1:1 movement precision." We don't think the Move warranty covers spinning the controller like a drunken madman and the ensuing breakage as it hits the floor.For those without Move, the DualShock 3 and Vita controls will be identical and the game supports cross-platform play (pay once, get both). Also, out of curiosity, we looked up how much a decent Foosball table costs, and they run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. We expect Foosball 2012 to cost significantly less.