Newly released for the PC:

Players must lure unsuspecting victims into dank dungeon lairs in this fantasy title with 20 challenging missions. When players find themselves thrown to the bottom of a dank dungeon abyss thanks to their vicious ex-girlfriend, they will have to slowly work their way through each dungeon stage to have their revenge. Luring would-be heroes into their grasp with the promise of treasure, players must keep their newfound prisoners happy in their new home in the hopes of eventually harvesting their energy, which can then be used to deal with the three Dungeon Lords who stand in their way. Players will also have dim-witted goblins at their disposal, who can dig tunnels and build extra rooms to help trap stronger and braver heroes. Ten different hero classes can be lured into traps in total. Prison cells and torture chambers are also on hand. Players can create their own dungeons, with 50 different objects at their disposal. Dungeons brings a dark and twisted new spin to strategy titles, allowing players to create their own dark and dank dungeon creations as they go.

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