We are proud to announce the launch of the latest Lizard add-on "Lizard Booster"; this will help speed up some operations on the Lizard unit like Slim KEY Read. For those who want to check the speed please view the video posted some time ago from the .

We have posted also a small Installation Guide (thanks to squallen and vgcrepairs), you can get it from the
Downloads page. The device require to be installed inside the Lizard. It does not require wiring (full quicksolder pads). We encourage you to read the Install Guide and all the warnings before attempting to install.

In order to use the features of the add-on you will need run the latest Gecko firmware 1.30 or above. At this time the only difference among units having the booster and those who does not have it is the speed but we might in the future incorporate features that might require the booster.