CaH4e3 updated his site with the following message:
- Super TV Test Ver. 4.12 (TR-04.U02, 28.05.(96) x2)(R)[!]. Thanks a lot to WWWebber for today's carts! One more time we have something previously unseen. This time we have programms made by another unknown Moscow developers, only thing we know is a telephone number (095)383-92-92 (old Moscow telephone number prefix, now 495), which is currently assigned to regular apartment, and unknown if it was the same owner previously.
According to the advertising texts, there is at least 7 test carts exists made by the same developers, this one is RT-04 code, and this is a set of TV test screens. This programm much more complex than previously known test programms by Ryumik, and have animated logo, help and advanced menu.
One more funny thing. At the end of ROM there is a bunch of text exists. Actually this is complete source code on the C languace for files with specific format converter and parser. This is not clearly known it's functions, but it's not a problem to figure it out. Additionally I must say, that all texts in this programm are packed with some bit-wise algo, so unusual for regular programmers for NES.

- F-1 Race (R)[!], Rally (Zippy Race)(R)[!]. Two more games translated to Russian language by the same developer exists, according to the same telephone number inside.
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