Papymouge offers version 0.1 of " Battleship "board game adaptation of the same name for the Nintendo DS.
Thurs coded in lua, requires the latest version of the interpreter MicroLua DS to work.

Small puzzle games using Nifi.
Played with two consoles, manages salons, normally several DS can play together in groups of two without the hassle (to test). To place the boats is a clicking / slide, for turning a double click. To shoot, you select the box and then click on the button fire. (Nothing too complicated in a way) To exit a game in progress, the 'Start' button. Requires version of Nifi microlua. This is a version without raw potato management who loses or who wins, it is for the time served as is just to show what can be done with microlua Nifi and, of course it will improve ...