news via konami

Aside from some Limited Edition packs and cases, we haven't really heard of anything much from Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops recently. Why not have a refresher course of what we're about to get ourselves into? Besides, the game is coming on December 5. That's less than a month from now, so we better make sure we're all equipped and loaded.

With Naked Snake as the star of the show, you're going to have other playable characters like Major Zero. Some even speculate that Ocelot might be recruitable as well. There's a Surround Indicator that'll replace the previous MGS radars. This time around, you're going to rely on sound and determine from the backwards-technology radar how near a unit is.

One of the most interesting features of MGS:PO is that it when they said the game will have a Wi-Fi multiplayer, they took it one step further. Once someone dies in ad hoc, they're dead. No re-spawning, no reviving. Nada. You'd have to recruit that same person from the same hotspot once again. And on top of that, your performance online is even said to affect your gameplay in single player.

Interesting, to say the least. While MGS4: Guns of the Patriots isn't coming anytime soon, at least we've got this MGS title to tide us over. This will surely keep us busy while we wait.