Expected to included low, mid-to-high and high end designs.
Amazon launched the Kindle Fire its first tablet in late 2011, which secured four million shipments in Q4 to become the world's second largest tablet maker.
Now, CENS claims Amazon will expand the Kindle range with three new tablets to span across low, mid-to-high and high end markets.
Both the low and mid range models are set to come with a seven-inch screen, while the high end device will come with an 8.9-inch screen, bringing it in closer alignment with the 9.7-inch screen of the front-running iPad.
Additionally, the low, mid and high end models are expected to come with respective screen resolutions of 1024x600, 1280x800 and 1920x1200.
The original Kindle Fire was aimed towards low end users with its $199 price tag, though mid and high end versions will see Amazon enter both spaces for the first time.