The old country will receive three different Assassin's Creed 3 special editions when the game is launched this October: the "Freedom Edition," the "Join or Die Edition," and the comparatively mundane "Special Edition."

According to IGN, The Freedom Edition will be £79.99 on consoles (£59.99 on PC) and feature a 9-inch Connor figure, George Washington's notebook, special lithograph, a pair of single-player missions and a multiplayer pack. The £64.99 (£34.99 on PC) Join or Die Edition will include one of the single-player missions, along with the multiplayer pack and GW's notebook, plus a medallion. Finally, the Special Edition will have an exclusive single-player mission called "A Dangerous Secret" and an unlocked Flintlock Musket.

Ubisoft informed us "these collector's editions are exclusive to Europe," so what North America will get is still a mystery hidden deep inside the marketing Animus.