Heres the latest news from the PSN Team:

We’re really excited that nearly three years after deciding to develop Wrecked it’s finally on release and available to play.
We wrote a small independently developed game called Mashed about 8 years ago. It was relatively quietly released by small independent UK publisher Empire. It’s been a real slow burner. We got great reviews for Mashed and whilst the sales were okay, it wasn’t what you’d call a mega hit.

Thing is though, over 7 years later, we’re getting more fan mail for that game now that when it was released. It’s become something of a cult classic. We get told of people throwing Mashed parties, and playing it literally every day (7 years later!).
About 3 years ago we thought it would be a great idea to bring the Mashed experience up to date and to bring something along those lines to the PS3.

Way back when Mashed was released (on PS2), it had to be on disc, in a box, in a shop and had to retail for about £30 / €40. We thought that digital distribution was perfect for the successor to Mashed (which was briefly called GAS, before the name Wrecked stuck). More game, less money, easy access – perfect!
We were very keen to keep the core insanely addictive multi-player game-play that made Mashed what it was. We were also keen to go a bit further, improve things, fine tune things, and add new features. We think we’ve achieved all of that.

We think Wrecked is the best multi-player game we’ve ever developed. It’s got a big single player strand and it’s got online multi-player, but at its heart, it’s about unashamedly 2/3/4 people crowded round one PS3, in one room, shouting at each other and having a laugh. That’s definitely where it’s at and we’re really hopeful it’ll be as well or better thought of than Mashed in that regard.
It’s so, so great to finally see it out…