Android reported to have made just $550m in four years.
Google is currently locked in a legal battle with patent firm Oracle, which has yielded some interesting figures, according to The Guardian.
The stats suggest Google has made just $550 million from Android since 2008, while Apple has reportedly made Google four times as much, through its use of Google search, Maps, YouTube and so on.
When breaking down the 250 million Android devices sold between 2008 and 2012 with the $550 million profit, Google makes around $10 per Android handset each year.
It's questionable, given that Android will potentially generate $1 billion in ad revs in 2012, while Samsung Google's most prolific Android user is the world's number one phone maker.
However, Google chief Larry Page claimed that its mobile platform has had a 2.5-fold increase to generate over $2.5 billion, which suggests Apple may very well be powering the firm's profits if Android has only contributed to a fifth of the sum.