A group of players unhappy with Activision and Infinity Ward's post launch support for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are calling on the wider community to join them in not playing the game for a day in protest.
Revealed in a YouTube video, the campaign urges players to refrain from playing Modern Warfare 3 online for 24 hours on April 20, and lays out a litany of problems with the game that its developer has thusfar declined to fix.
"This is a call to action to the Call Of Duty community," organisers explain in the video. "Join us and your fellow Call Of Duty players as we take a stand against Activision and Infinity Ward for their lack of support towards the community's needs and concerns.
"We have been ignored repeatedly when asking for quality post-release fixes to be implemented," it continues, before outlining several concerns including lag compensation, a "broken" spawn system, and a paucity of playlist options, especially for members of the Elite subscription service.
It all hinges on comments made by Robert Bowling, who until his resignation earlier this week was Infinity Ward's creative strategist. In an interview with MCV last year, he promised "an extreme focus on post-launch support [in MW3], and that was baked into the way we designed the game.
"We've baked a lot of things into the back end which will allow us to do the free updates, addressing player concerns, [and] adding stuff to the game more quickly and efficiently than we've ever done before."
That, the video producers claim, simply hasn't happened, and MW3suffers in comparison to its Treyarch-developed predecessor,Black Ops. That had a fully-featured replay mode, and displayed more detailed stats on scoreboards in objective games; two features whose absence is so lamented in the campaign video.