We are proud to tell you that the x360Glitchip v2 is ready to be sold.

List of features :
* 2 LEDs :
-LED RED : Your chip is empty
-LED Strong RED : Your chip is flashed with Xenon timing
-LED GREEN : Your chip is correctly flashed
-LED GREEN, Then RED, then GREEN : Your chip is making a reset
* 3 capacitors values 270pF, 330pF, 390pF
* Optimised Wire position on Slim and FAT
* Compatibility of the XENON mothernoard revision (Warning only for Xell, Freeboot not compatible)
* Only 6 wires to solder on SLIM, 5 on FAT (No more B Point needed)
* Port JTAG and pin header provided for an easy flash process
* 6 Timings Configurations available directly on the chip for Slims
* Timings pads also available if Configurations pads are not enough
* Double Nand Feature : You can unactive the chip with the "Command Signal" from your double nand addon
* You can specify which nand is used for the glitch. I for internal, E for external
* precut wires provided with the chip

Reminder, today the RGH is compatible with :
* Xenon only for Xell up to kernel 14699
* Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper, JasperBB on Xell/Freeboot up to Kernel 14699 (Version CB Stage 2 available soon)
* Trinity on Xell/Freeboot whatever is the kernel version
* Corona on Xell/Freeboot whatever is the kernel version when the software part of the hack will be released. JED + Build.py... Soon :-)

For Corona v2 (Physon Chip), a new SPI version will be needed in order to dump the nand correctly.
Consult our new install documentation for the version 2 of the x360Glitchip

Today, 360gcProg is now under version 1.4 and brings you the Xenon Timing for RGH.
This one is compatible with all v2 revisions of the x360Glitchip. (Also compatible with older versions but needs hardware modifications)
Official Site: http://www.x360glitchip.com