TingedAce released a new version of XNand Healer GUI - a GUI app to help you dump and manage NAND files, remap bad blocks and also uncripple your Xbox 360.

What's new/fixed:
- Supports Multibuilder 09x that uses build.exe instead of python script
- Includes legacy support for Multibuilder 08x
- Supports Xenon ecc creation CB 1940 and 7375 (Credits to Team-Xecuter)
- Added GUI feature to let you choose which of the two Xenon CBs to flash to the console
- Supports Xenon full image creation
- Supports 13604/14699/14719 glitch/retail images and dashlaunch 2.32 (in conjunction with Multibuilder 0.921)
- Fixed: error generated if trying to build without a launch.ini file

*Update* v0.78
- 0.77 had an issue building CB 9230 ecc, so fixed in 0.78

Official Site: http://www.rigid360.co.uk