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Thread: Custom Firmware "6.XXPRO-C Beta Released

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    Default Custom Firmware "6.XXPRO-C Beta Released


    As most of you know there are a few CFW's out there to choose from already. Currently there is 6.60-ME and 6.60PRO-B but some of you my remember when it all started back in the days of 2.71-SE and how it all progressed from there with Dark_AleX running the show than later M33. Well now PRO Firmware Team has added to the mix with the simply named CFW "6.XXPRO-C Beta". So your probably asking whats the difference? Well this iteration of CFW will allow users to play games Via adhoc. For a list of games working in this installment and the release notes have a look below.

    The initial revision (0.01) is currently undergoing public beta tests with 10 confirmed compatible

    titles so far:
    God Eater
    Gods Eater Burst
    Mod Nation Racers
    Untold Legends Ė Brotherhood of the Blade
    Untold Legends Ė The Warriors Code
    Virtua Tennis 3
    Pangya Fantasy Golf
    Blood Bowl
    Worms Open Warfare 2
    Worms Battle Islands


    PSP. Note: PSP 1000 (aka FAT) isnít compatible at the moment. Youíll need a PSP 2000, 3000 or Go. Street hasnít got WiFi so it will be never compatible.

    CFW PRO 6.XX Nightly Build installed on your PSP. No matter 6.20, 6.39 or 6.60.

    PRO Online Client Pack: depending on what firmware you are on, download the matching one for: 6.20; 6.39; or 6.60.

    Download Via Comments
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