Nintendo 64 emulator based on 1964mod v1.5.2(Final) codebase has been updated. Changes:

Implement individual rom setting for NICE64 "Audio Sync" option
auto-detect user setting for each game when rom starts(read post on our forum)

Refactor and/or re-write and/or re-design many parts of the source codes :
audio thread handling, events & related functions
pause, stop & resume handling, events & related functions
gui window & handling codes
further reduce flickering during resize and switch between window mode etc
initial game bootup handling codes, events & its related functions
implement new timer event type & remove invalid from list
trim audio when there is no display, speedup transition etc e.g. Goldeneye dam scene
VI interrupt handling codes
fix high interrupt VI/s etc e.g. NBA Live 99

Fix language switching bug - working again
you need to do your own translation because we don't have contributor

Fix tooltips bug

Fix setting wrong cpucore compiler bug

Fix auto repeat message being sent

Fix out-of-focus romlist / boxart items when emu window state changes
restore items visibility from an out-of-focus state

Fix Micromachines spurious exception looping, still doesn't go in-game

Replace Kill with new ForceRomClose option

Clear gamename and alternate title
fix Nushi Tsuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte wrong name display on statusbar when it crash
fix wrong name captured during debugging

Major codes cleanup

Re-write some of my previous codes because I know a bit more now

Switching between window and fullscreen mode works fine after several games and switching, then the next game will not boot and hang.
seems to originate from official Glide64 and/or 1964 source (can reproduce)
users are advised to use window mode and exercise discretion if you do multiple switching over several games in a single emu session

Some others that I forgot


Plugin Changes & Fixes


Fix Namco Museum regression

Fix VI/s slowdown after playing several games e.g. Super Robot Taisen

Fix Spiderman freeze at the end of 2nd comic cutscene
remove previous tempfix which reduce VI/s by 1/4 of max VI/s
use Speedup option +3 or +4 to get pass the freeze point and enjoy max Vi/s

NICE64 Audio:

Minor fix to audio ucode detect state

Other Changes & Fixes

Update and merge Nice64_Instruction_Manual into Nice64_Readme
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