PiCiJi has updated his Sega Master System emulator named TwoMbit with cycle accurate emulation. It now also emulates the Game Gear and the SG-1000.

v 1.0 beta -> v 1.0.1
- switched to gcc for compiler
- switched to QT 4.8 for Gui ( c# / .net is no more )
- build libsms (cross-plattform)

- gamegear emulation
- sg-1000 emulation
- emulating additional cart work ram (Ernie Els Golf, the castle, Othello)
- emulating bus contention
- emulating game gear bios
- emulating custom sram sizes (Shining force)
- emulating eeprom of the baseball series games
- emulating lightpahser, paddle (japanese and export), sportspad (japanese and export), 3d glasses, Terebi Oekaki
- emulating gear-2-gear at cycle level
- parallel communication (Squinky Tennis in micro machines, Primal Rage, ...)
- serial communication
- different baud rate settings
- emulating backward compatibillity of gamegear(mastergear) and sms
- emulating yamaha2413
- fex(zip, 7z, rar, gzip), bzip2, untar for compressed roms

- removed cache for irq detection, now irqs will be detected one cpu cycle before opcode edge ( simplified the overall process)
- fixed sample playback
- differentiate between sg and sms/gg vdp delay and access window behavior.

to do:

feature doings
- cheats
- savestates
- replace directx to make TwoMbit platform independant

accuracy doings
- sn76489: writing to regs will not processed without delay
- vdp: accurate access windows during sprite processing
- vdp: split sprite subprocessing in timed steps (like bg processing) and not one sprite at a time
- yamaha2413: sub sample accuracy