This rumor fulfills too many literary and ironic fantasies for us to completely ignore it, but for now it is very much and definitely a rumor: Monolith Productions, under WB Games Seattle, is working on The Hobbit: Part One, the video game tie-in for Peter Jackson's film The Hobbit, rumor hunterSuperannuation reports. WB was previously slated to handle the tie-in title with an expected launch this year, making this leap, well, hobbit-sized. We have reached out to WB for comment.

Superannuation pegs WB Seattle as handling the second Hobbit game as well, noting that WB Games Seattle consists of Monolith Productions almost entirely, after WB fired 60 employees from Snowblind Studios, Surreal Software and Monolith itself in November.

We're just in love with the idea of a studio called "Monolith" -- defined as alarge thing -- working on The Hobbit.