Vita/PS3 racer Motorstorm RC gets a meaty set of new content this Wednesday, Sony has announced.The Carnival expansion adds six new tracks: The Side Show, Fun House, Bite Size, Beach Party, Splash Down and Aqua Plane.There's also 24 new events to take part in, across Race, Pursuit, Hot Lap and Drift modes, and four new Trophies to pick up - one bronze, two silver and a gold.On top of all that, there are eight new vehicle models with four Carnival-style liveries per car, with each livery offering four color scheme choices.A UK/Euro price has not yet been confirmed, but US gamers can pick it up for $3.99.The Evolution Studios-developed racer was among the highlights of the Vita's launch line-up. Head over to Eurogamer's 8/10 Motorstorm RC review to find out why.