If it wasn't already clear from the growing number of Galactic Dance Off videosdoing the rounds on the internet, Microsoft has said in the simplest terms possible that Kinect Star Wars isn't a love letter to core gamers.
Originally due to be released as part of Microsoft's Christmas 2011 line-up but later delayed in order to achieve its "full potential", Kinect Star Wars promises to let "you unleash your inner Jedi - with no controller in the way" across single and co-op, competitive and duel modes.Players can wield a lightsaber in the Jedi Destiny mode and in Duels of Fate, which sees them taking on iconic characters like Darth Vader and Count Dooku, go Podracing across the canyons of Tatooine, or even go on a Rancor Rampage.
"This is a game for anybody that is a Star Wars fan," senior product manager Glenn Gregory told the latest issue of MCV. "It's not The Old Republic, it's not a game for core gamers that want to experience that kind of thing. It's a great experience for people who love Star Wars like myself and want to share it with their families.
"When you look at the Jedi in Episode 1, they are not just waving their wrists around," he added. "There's full body combat, lightsabers, force powers, and they are jumping and being acrobatic. And that is really a fun thing to do with Kinect."
Kinect Star Wars and the limited edition 'R2-D2' Xbox 360 will release worldwide tomorrow. Look for our review shortly.