A new PS Vita system update, version 1.66, has been released, and it fixes an issue preventing members of the PlayStation Plusservice from playing Minis given away with their subscriptions on Sony's new handheld.
As we revealed in February, new Vita owners were met with error messages when trying to load their PS Plus Minis, despite being able to download and install them. Sony acknowledged the issue, and said it was working on a fix.
That fix has come, along with what Sony admits are "minor enhancements" to Vita's functionality. Notifications can be toggled on or off; the system can be set to enter sleep mode after ten idle minutes; and the on-screen keyboard can now be set to caps lock.
The update was released yesterday as version 1.65, but was removed due to a "technical fault." Expect news updates to be thin on the ground this morning as we reacquaint ourselves with Where Is My Heart?