Just 11 per cent will make use of social networking in the sun.
1.5 million Brits are set to travel abroad this Easter weekend, according to GOSIM.com, but calls and texts messages will take priority for more than half when it comes to their overseas mobile phone use.
Meanwhile, although social networking is used by millions of the UK population, just 11 per cent regard it as the most important feature when on holiday.
However, the use of social networks abroad rise to 22 per cent and 19 per cent respectively for those aged 18-22 and 23-35.
In comparison, 23 per cent of 56-70 year olds turn their mobiles off entirely when on holiday, presumably to avoid high data roaming charges.
John Assiter, GOSIM.com, says: "Using your mobile abroad can be a costly and often unknown expense, leaving many Brits hesitant to use their phone in the same way they would at home, but that neednít be the case.