You don't need a webcam-charted mood-graph to tell you that gaming can be a frustrating, enraging experience. Unbridled rage only begets revenge -- lucky for you, then, that Corsair is beefing up itsVengeance gaming line-up. Its $149 Vengeance 2000 2.4GHz wireless 7.1 headset, for instance, hopes to help you suss out the location your foe with its optimized HRTF (head-related transfer function) positional audio chops. Failing that, you could always wrap your hardware in the outfit's new C70 PC gaming case, a rugged rack designed to look like an ammo-box. This $139 steeled exterior case has room for eight PCI-E slots, 10 fan mounts, dual USB 3.0 ports and six SSD-ready hard drive bays -- in arctic white, gunmetal black and the traditional military green. You can mosey on past the break for a peek at Corsair's official press release, but folks in Boston will be able to able to check out the new digs in person at PAX East this weekend. If, you know, Vengeance is your thing.