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Thread: Valve and Nexon reveal Counter-Strike Online sequel

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    Default Valve and Nexon reveal Counter-Strike Online sequel

    Nexon is developing a sequel to the Counter-Strike title for Asian markets

    Nexon Korea Corporation and Valve have partnered to develop Counter-Strike Online 2. The game is a sequel to Counter-Strike Online, an online-only version of Counter-Strike tailored to Asian market created by Valve and Nexon in 2007.
    Counter-Strike Online uses a micropayment system, but is otherwise free-to-play. The original game has reached 500,000, 70,000, and 50,000 in China, Taiwan, and Korea, respectively.
    Counter-Strike Online 2 is powered by an enhanced version of the Source engine, and will be published exclusively by Nexon Korea in China, Korea, Japan, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

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    One of CS2’s highlights lies in its wide range of weapons. Different from other FPS which offers all sorts of weird arms, CS2 provides you with well-crafted guns and bombs that can find their roots in real life.

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