Despite Assassin's Creed 3 creative lead Alex Hutchinson's recent fighting words with the internet over its "boring" ideas for potential AC settings, he told us this morning that he still loves you. Or something like that. "It's part of a bigger discussion. Obviously any setting is potentially awesome," he said in a brief PAX East show floor followup. "The point we were making was that some settings are more familiar in video games than other settings. And the two particular ones that were mentioned are very familiar video game settings."

Hutchinson is referring to both the World War II and Feudal Japan ideas brought up during an interview with OXM recently. "The exciting thing is that the game can go anywhere," Hutchinson said. "We've had versions of the assassin ... people have thrown ideas around for probably literally any setting that people would think of. But when you get right down to it when we're doing the actual nitty gritty of spending the time on it, spending a couple years making something we wanna go to a setting that other games haven't gone to." As for the aforementioned pair of settings? "We're trying to find places that will surprise people."

And Hutchinson doesn't want you to hate him, internet. He also spoke to his statements regarding net denizens coming up with "the most boring settings" for future AC games. "If people think they have the worst ideas, I apologize for that," he told us. "But really, they're very predictable. The internet is not the place for insight, unfortunately," Hutchinson added with a laugh.

As for recent news that AC3 will be Desmond's biggest outing yet, Hutchinson said, "There's a big opportunity when the real timeline crosses the fictional timeline. Like, this is a fun idea. So there's stuff that we have to deal with. We feel like it's about time to pay off the people who've been sticking with the franchise for a long time." When asked if this would be Desmond's last appearance in the series, Ubisoft PR assassins jumped in and said, "I think people are gonna be entertained by it." We're not sure what that means either, but we'll be sure to keep asking.