Nes emulator for S60 Phones from Marat Fayzullin

iNES will run Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom cartridge files with .nes and .nes.gz extensions. Place your files into E:\Others\iNES directory. iNES will also run Famicom DiskSystem disk images with .fds and .fds.gz extensions, as long as you have the DISKSYS.ROM (DiskSystem BIOS) file in the same directory. The trial version has BUY ME message overlayed onto the screen and can't save game states. Please, buy the full version if you like iNES and would like to see it developed. Control keys:

[SEND] opens the application menu.
[SOFT1], [.] fast-forward the emulation.
[SOFT2] invokes builtin configuration menu.
[END] quits the program.
[2], [4], [5], [6], [8] duplicate the directional buttons.
[9],[*] act as A fire button.
[7], [#] act as B fire button.
[1] works as the NES SELECT button.
[3] works as NES START button.
[0] flips DiskSystem disks, deposits a coin into the VS-System coin acceptor, and fires the light gun.
[&larr], [C] toggle sound playback.
QWERTY keyboard acts as fire buttons, just like in other iNES ports.

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