Quake Rev PAK is a collection of gaming engines, related to the Quake series of games by id Software, modified to run on the Nintendo Wii, using the popular devkitPPC toolchain for homebrew development.

Release 3a is out!

This release introduces the first GX-accelerated builds of Q1Rev and QWRev. They run at 60fps (instead of the 30fps of the software-rendered ones), and look really gorgeous!

To load them, be sure to check the new "Use GX-accelerated builds if available" option on the Quake Rev PAK launcher.

IMPORTANT: Release 3a is a fix to Release 3, compiled using libogc 1.8.9 . The previous release had many problems loading game data; this fix should solve most of them.

The provided launcher will start the following games (provided that their respective game data files were copied into the installation folder):
Quake (using the Q1Rev engine)
QuakeWorld (using the QWRev engine)
Quake II (using the Q2Rev engine)
Quake II Threewave Capture The Flag (using the Q2CTFRev engine)

Visit each page in order to learn to set-up and play the games.