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    Default The PRO Online Client


    The PSP scene is still kicking despite the Vita being out. Coldbird and co. are constantly working on improving their PRO Online Client that was first released a week ago.

    The PRO Client allows you to play adhoc games via infrastructure on the Prometheus' server in a manner similar to Xlink Kai. It functions as an addon to those already on the 6.xx PRO custom firmwares and for those rocking a PSP Slim or newer.

    To get you up to speed, the client now has an online menu, keyphrase chat support, a key binding that exits you to the XMB, offline Adhoc Mode and support for Tekken 6. To date, the client supports 12 titles:
    •Blood Bowl
    •God Eater
    •Gods Eater Burst
    •Mod Nation Racers
    •Pangya Fantasy Golf
    •Split Second Velocity
    •Tekken 6
    •Untold Legends – Brotherhood of the Blade
    •Untold Legends – The Warriors Code
    •Virtua Tennis 3
    •Worms Battle Islands
    •Worms Open Warfare 2

    With the plug being pulled on official servers, this definitely will prolong the life of these games. If you aren't already the client, you can grab everything you need below.

    downloads attached
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