So we tend to forget, the FSD team we refresh the memory with this new announcement.

JQE the FSD team informs us that his team is still working on their new Xbox Experience Real, the new dashboard alternative to dedicated consoles XBOX 360 and JTAG Glitch. This new system is different from Free Style Dash, even if it uses the same database, the code needs to be rewritten almost entirely, so the project come soon. With the use of the last SDK, the interface has been revised with the support of Kinect, the http server and client are also available to day. The covers of the games will be used by default 3D from the site and not the marketplace. The team continues to work away from the lights and now devotes himself to the launch of content (games, homebrew etc ...) which remains the part not yet completed this project, this is why the team did not deliver beta project. The FSD team says they are also working on integrating the private messaging function and why no voice chat / video via the famous XBSlink or xlinkkai. The message is simple, but no ETA ensures that the RXE will be up. Thanks to the green-to information. Official site: