The True Blue, the first two JailBreak dongle that can play games on CFW 3.55 3.6 + could not keep a monopoly on the underground scene PS3, it was quickly copied in a "hardware" by another team has released the first clone JB-called king.

They were able to crack the three last update of the True Blue namely 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 with the latest CFW TB V2 compatible with consoles downgradées. With this success the price of JB-king is lower than that of True Blue, in France it costs around 45 euros only. A second clone behalf JB2USB, three times cheaper to set up in China, it is a marketed everywhere but is currently limited to the 2.3 update therefore compatible only with 60 patches EBOOTs TB, the latest games do not work on it. In response, the True Blue team decided to respond by revealing a nasty surprise, they say that users of the cracked 2.5 update on the JB-king may have their console freezée with the internal hard drive completely formatted. Quote of 5-4-2012: Warning for those who bought a clone True Blue: we implement anticlones technology in the firmware of True Blue accurately detects active clones and one of the random as erased the internal hard drive. The update software 2.5 of the JB-king is especially affected by these measures, anyone using this clone will be subject to loss of data due to Hard Disk Wiping and other effects. OF Further measures are under development and will be deployed soon. Clones of True Blue EBOOTs will be blocked and will not work with these dongles. Buying real True Blue. JB-king The team was quick to respond, she confirms that she is able to crack future updates of the True Blue CFW and possible future of the latter. Quote: - The JB-king can handle all the updates to come. - The JB-king can not be blocked without the True Blue is blocked. - Users of the JB-king does not have to worry about the updates coming they will be cracked quickly. As we have done successfully with the 2.3 2.4 2.5. - We strongly condemn the behavior of the TB team competition with its malevolent, threatening to transform the console consumer brig for monopolizing the market for chips. - If the Team TB program malicious code for the JB-king, True Blue users can not be excluded. It can not be completely identified, so it could not be blocked by the update 2.4. This story does not end here, it seems that new clones of True Blue begin to appear in China, these latter have the same format as the True Blue but within the hardware is different, the TB team says they can not mount any loose True Blue, worse than the JB2USB. Quote of 6-4-2012: We have seen that some unscrupulous Chinese circulate fake dongle True Blue. These dongles is very similar to true externally, but internally a pcb inexpensively, which they do not work with the True Blue CFW V2 or any firmware above 2.3. Therefore this dongle does not work with any recent EBOOTs, all patches since the beginning of the year. In addition, the hardware platform on which it is based clone appears to be almost identical to clone JB2USB that surfaced there some time ago. It is likely that the channels that distribute JB2USB are the same as those clones True Blue, so beware of shops that sell the JB2USB because they can sell you a fake.