The NES emulator HalfNES has been updated.

HalfNES Version Notes:

0.046 (4/7/2012)

-VRC7 audio (Lagrange Point) sounds much closer to the real thing
-Fixed several UI bugs:
-menu bar is no longer visible in fullscreen on some systems
-no longer possible to load a ROM or open the preferences window in
fullscreen as this could sometimes cause hangs
-Full screen now defaults to maintain aspect ratio
(doesn´t stretch and look terrible on widescreen displays)
-Now handles mising JInput library more gracefully
-NTSC filter is somewhat faster (still not really real time) and disables
dot crawl in Battletoads as it should.
-Changed audio core so it shouldn´t clip with sound filtering on any more
-Found a solution to the packaging problem! Library folder is no longer necessary.

Next version I will be switching to LWJGL for the interface as it should add
a decent speed improvement and the NTSC filter will be MUCH faster if written
as a shader.