Nobody offers version 1.4 of " The Living Dead ", shooting game for the Nintendo DS in which you must survive as long as possible against hordes of zombies that break.

Many bug fixes. Changes to currency system and weapon system. Prices Have Changed, max cash is now 30.000 to Avoid Some glitching. Weapon balancing WAS done by rats Altering fire, bullet speeds, and ammo amounts.
Background music has-been added to menus. There are five more rounds total to 15 rounds of zombie horror (good luck making it past round nine, there 'sa badge for you if you do . Pistols shoot Improvements. You Cdn now tap the fire button Repeatedly to fire pistols INSTEAD of using the Slower auto fire. added four new weapons, RPG-7 (replaces grenade). Added Ak-47, SPAS-12, and Dragunov (the more of the bullet hits the zombie, the more damage it DOES). WARNING: RPG-7 HAS a huge blast range; get as far away from enemies as you go Cdn Before Launching Because It Has a bigger and Higher Than the ranks Concentrated blast frag grenade. Also, take it easy on the MAC-11 trig. When the bullets fired from it start getting really glitchy then stop firing for a FEW frames. The MAC-11 is the buggiest weapon in the game so keep that in mind. If the sprites crash in the room, try a new weapon Purchasing Which Will Force a delete of the old glitchy weapon. Also The Other zombie map is not supported.