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Thread: Resident Evil 6 now coming October 2

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    Default Resident Evil 6 now coming October 2

    The positive reaction to the original trailer has prompted Capcom to release the game early
    Capcom has announced that it's changing the release date for Resident Evil 6, shifting it up more than a month and a half from November 20 to October 2. This new release date was announced at Capcom's Captivate showcase event.
    Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi says that enthusiastic fan reaction to the game's original trailer made Capcom want to get it into fans' hands earlier. The logical concern of launching the game in late November during the busiest time of the year for gaming, which will also includes a new console from Nintendo, likely factored in as well.
    Capcom has 600 people working on Resident Evil 6, with 150 of those in-house. Pre-orders for the game are reportedly off to the fastest start in series history.

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    Is it true that one of the top levels in Resident Evil 6 takes place at the abandoned Clermont Club? I bet it will scare people,
    especially when you add special music effects on top

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