Newly released for the Nintendo Wii:

Release Date: Oct, 2012. The Cartoon Wasteland is restored, and the characters there are becoming a distant memory, soon to be forgotten again. No. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit does not want such a fate, he is joining forces with Mickey to bring gamers into his black and white world. For the first time, gamers can hear the voice of the rabbit.Existing places in the wasteland are shaken up to reveal brand new spots. There are new music to go with the new contents, and gamers are welcome to pull their best friends into their adventures as Oswald Rabbit, the electricity user. Once the best friend goes away, the AI will resume control of Oswald, ensuring a smooth transition.Epic Mickey and Oswald are going to deliver you from warm fuzzy memories to menacing and nightmarish situations and back.

Price: US$ 54.90 / Not yet published or released