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Let Inori stay by you for always. Her voice saves the world from apocalypse cancer. So put her on stage every now and then to hold the threat at bay. Her package comes with her singing face, her poker face and a serene expression. The flaps of her goldfish dress flares out, giving her the appearance of a fairy.

Wound her sash around her arms to give her a more ethereal appearance. Throw them back when she enters battle. She has two guns, and with them in her grasp, she is next to invincible. Like always, her partner Fyuneru follows her wherever she goes.

Plan your rebellion with Inori by your side:

Figma Guilty Crown : Yuzuriha Inori JPN * US$ 49.90

Yuzuriha Inori has pledged herself to you. She is super deformed, and completely yours. As the main vocalist of the net band Egoist, she ...[more]