They are soft, they are chubby. They are cuddle-worthy and they are absolute treasures in pillow fights. Line the pirates up, make sure they are in a handy place when you launch your war. Some of these are sweet and cute mascot characters, others are not so friendly in appearance. And some are downright bizarre.

But now, all six of them exist but to serve your comfort. And they are all now available at new low prices. The maximum amount of purchase is set to 3 dolls per customer, per version. And please bear in mind that you cannot use any further discount coupons along with this special offer.

Chopper knows he is the plush doll makers' favorite. He is always so fluffy and plump. His newest plush doll show him in his New World Arc outfit.

One Piece HQ Plush Doll THE TONYTONY.CHOPPER ~The New World Chapter~ JPN * US$ 24.90
Almost all pirates have either large hats or large hairs, so the playful plush doll makers at Bandai decide to put a cushion into their hats. Turn the doll inside out, ...[more]