Move suggests Sony is looking to hugely successful iOS model with relaxed stance

Sony appears to be taking a more proactive approach with free game updates a policy that is thriving on iOS by releasing a new content packs for the PS Vita title Escape Plan.
US studio Fun Bits Interactive, which built the PSN chart-topping puzzle game, has updated the game significantly with 19 new levels and various tweaks.

But Sony has issued the DLC for free, a move that suggests the electronics giant is prepared to break old habits and give developers more options with their digital content.

Other games on Sony consoles to be updated for free this week include Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which includes a new campaign mission, and Mass Effect 3, which makes available new multiplayer maps.
Console manufacturers will typically charge developers to update their games, which often results in the costs being passed on to the customer or just small tweaks being made to games.