Inafune, who left his position as Capcom's global head of production two years ago to found two new companies, is currently working on mysterious 3DS title King of Pirates.Speaking to Nintendo Gamer however, he assured he intends to release "several" home console games in the future.
"I think it's important to be on every platform," he said. "I also intend to release big-budget games with regular frequency. [We are] already making several console games. I can't tell you what kind of games yet, but I'm sure gamers in the west will be happy."
Quizzed by NG on his lust for Zombies - he created Dead Rising and worked on Resident Evil - the designer hinted that the undead could again star in his future titles.
" I could never get sick of zombies," he said. "But it's boring to do the same thing over and over. If I do it, I'd like to do it in a different way. I'd love to make another zombie game, but not the same sort of zombie game."