Welcome to our Weekly Pre-order Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Become Leon-cool by wearing his leather jacket in the Biohazard 6 Premium Editions. Then head off to the vast seas in Nayuya no Kiseki, or defeat evil with your sense of rhythm in Taiko no Tatsujin. A concrete release schedule is released for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, mark down June 23rd on your calendars.

Tight fitting, very smart and very protective, this is the jacket that defines Leon.

Although every agent in the Division of Security Operations gets their jacket, Leon is the one that test its toughness to its limits. To give the wearer Leon's shape, the jacket fits snugly, bringing out the broadness of the wearer's shoulders and chest.

All the seams, the buttons and the pockets are tailored according to the details in the game counter part. And to make sure that every action hero gets a jacket that fits, e-capcom offers sizes from Small to Extra Large.

Besides the Jacket, the Premium version also offers a ...[more]