Fate Extra Saber is regal in red. With fire as her element, she burns her way into display cases. Take her in tow and break out of the cycle of defeat.

Figure designer Miyagawa Takeshi crafted her loyally according to her new waif-ish image, he painted her eyes a luminescent green that sets off the fiery red of her uniform skirt.

The semi opaque skirt under the flaps of her uniform brings her an exotic color. It reveals the slender lines of her legs, the golden plates of her boots beneath and the lightness of her movements. The skirt spreads out like a flower as it flutters about her.

But beauty is not her only attribute. Never forget that she is lethal. Her black blade is elegantly lined with flame red edges. Slip it into her grip, and Saber forms an image of danger.

A bloom of fire is burning bright right now:

Fate/Extra 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Saber Extra Clayz Ver. JPN * US$ 129.90