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Thread: PSPGo Clock for PSP

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    Default PSPGo Clock for PSP


    Say your using your new CFW 6.XXPro-C and you think to your self "WOW! I would really like to have a big old clock where my XMB should be?" You know because that happens all the time. Well now you can have your clock. Thanks to the developer's NightStar3 and codestation and there release of ZeroVSH Patcher. This plugin allows you to load resources (.rco), fonts, (.pgf), bitmap images (.bmp), gameboots (.pmf) and modules (.prx), all from your memory stick. So now you're wondering what all of that has to do with a clock. Well for that I give you a quote from the Devs about what they added to this version.

    The newest version of ZeroVSH Patcher adds support for the PSP GO's Clock and Calendar,
    a nifty feature Sony added on PSP GO's.

    In order to enable it, open up zerovsh.ini and set SlidePlugin to Enabled

    Then, navigate to the /slide folder and place the files slide_plugin_XXX.rco, slide_plugin_XXX.prx, and netconf_bt_plugin_6XX.prx(only if 6.3X and above) in the folder which you have
    RedirPath set to in zerovsh.ini (Default is (root):/PSP/VSH) and rename them to slide_plugin.rco, slide_plugin.prx, and netconf_bt_plugin.prx

    In order for everything to go as planned, make sure to use custom
    files from the fw you are using, or else the new files wont be loaded
    properly (due to the offsets changing and all).

    This plugin should work on ALL PSPs, and on ALL FIRMWARES (up to date)
    (Excluding the clock and calendar)

    Note: Restart your VSH after enabling this plugin

    Also note that this is not working on PSP-1000 models (PSP Fat)

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    Well I got game boots and waves and click sounds working with this, never saw the clock work on PSP slim 2001 6.60ME-1.8 Its hit and miss for what old .rco's i can find that work but its really good thanks.
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