Maxima is shrouded in mystery, this girl leads you into deeper and deeper into the plot and gives you hints, but reveals nothing about herself. Take this figure home to get to know her better.

Even the black of her dress is dusted with a layer of pastel. The perfect arc of her ponytail and the flare of her skirt bring out the light gracefulness of the girl. Although the skirt is quite long, you can still see the slender shape of her legs in between the strips.

Togita Keijiro used transparent colorings to paint the filmy fabric of her gloves and knee high socks, and used a mixture of silver and gray to create the metallic texture of the blade. Even the patterns on her card are drawn loyally according to the character designs in the game.

Mystery woman is back:

Shining Hearts 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Maxima (Re-run) JPN * US$ 77.90

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